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The Injury Bug!

Both the Jaguars and Colts have suffered injuries to key players, today it happened again. 
All-Pro Bob Sanders is one of the best players in the NFL, and he is out. 
He has what is being called a "high ankle sprain.”  This will most likely rule him out for the next 4 to 6 weeks, but he is definitely out this week.   With a hungry Jaguar team, this was not good news for the Colts. 

Edit: Reports are that Tony Ugoh is out (slavia)

The Jaguars lost their starting center and both starting guards before week one ended.    The offensive has done nothing the past 2 weeks, and things didn’t look good, until today.   The Jaguars re-signed 13 year veteran tackle, Chris Naeole.  Naeole (Na-O-Lee) suffered a torn quad muscle in the middle of last year.   He had surgery and has rehabilitated for the past year.  All indications are that he feels good and is in good shape.   Since he has spent the past 5 years with the Jaguars, learning the playbook won’t be a problem.
If Naeole is healthy (all indications are that he is) the Jaguars offensive line will improve dramatically.   
The Jaguars are treating this game as a “must win” with the addition of a veteran guard, and with the loss of Bob Sanders for the Colts, this game just got a little easier for the Jaguars.


Side Note:

This will be the first AFC South game played at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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Jaguars at Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts!

Many experts selected either the Colts or Jaguars for the AFC South title, but neither team is in the lead.  The Jaguars (0-2) are in last place and the Colts (1-1) are in second place. Neither team expected such a slow start. This game was supposed to be a power house match-up for the AFC South, now it’s a must win for both teams!

The Jaguars, after losing bother starting guards, have had a rough time running the football.  With the offense only averaging 286 yards a game, while giving up 301 yards per game.  The main problem is the running game.  The Jaguars have been unable to run the ball using all formations, and three running backs.  The root of that problem rests with the offensive line.  The Jaguars have lost 3/5 starting offensive line men. 2 are lost for the year, Vince Manuwai and Maurice Williams, and their starting center, Brad Meester, is out until the bye week (week 7).

The Jaguars defense is only allowing 18 points a game, but with the offense only putting up 13, they won’t win with that kind of production.  The defensive line is playing better then last year with the additions of Quinten Groves and Derrick Harvey.  The pass defense is still a major problem, giving up 2 big passing plays at the end of 2 close games.  Not being able to stop the pass is not a good thing when you play the Colts.

The Colts aren’t playing to their full potential either. After a disappointing loss at home against the Bears, they had to come back and steal a game at the end.  The big problem with the Colts is their run defense.  After giving up 100+ yard on the ground in back to back weeks, things not look good.

Peyton Manning didn’t look like Peyton is the first 2 games.  He played better in week 2, but he needs to play better if he wants to win the AFC South.  The one QB that can improve and win when he isn’t at his best is Peyton Manning.

Both of these teams haven’t looked good in the first two weeks. This game has huge AFC South implications. The loser is almost out of the race, the winner still has a chance. Either way, both teams are looking to play like they expected to!

I have this being a very good football game.  The weakness of the Colts (defensive line) against the weakness of the Jaguars (offensive line), who ever plays better will win the game.  I see the Colts pulling it out late, 21 to 17!

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